A lot like Kevin Garnett

In the NBA 2007-2008 Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, two great players joined Paul Pierce’s Boston Celtics to form a team which would capture their first championship since 1986 and seventeenth championship in their franchise history. This team had some significant features as well; having the defensive player of the year Kevin Garnett, Danny Ainge as the executive of the year who formed this team, improving last season by 42 wins to become the best single turn around in NBA history and finishing 66-12 during the season.


The story and the stats don’t lie about this team and it’s individuals.
This was a great team.

Many people believe that Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce could have spearheaded the Boston Celtics to win at least 2 more championships, but they were robbed by the opportunities due to injuries to key players. One to Kevin Garnett in the 2008-2009 season. And another to Kendrick Perkins in the 2009-2010 in game 6 of the NBA finals which some say allowed the L.A Lakers to win.


They could have become known as a great dynasty in the NBA, but instead are known as a great team in the NBA.

I remember watching the 2010 NBA finals interview with Kevin Garnett about the potential of winning another championship. Kevin talked about that winning this championship would be more important than winning his first.
The reporter asked why.
Kevin replied because the other Boston greats, legends and winning teams have won more than one championship, they won multiple championships.
So when it came to meeting the greats, legends and winning teams in the next life, he didn’t want to look small with only one championship title amongst them, and he wouldn’t have the awkward conversation around how come you only had one championship title? How come you didn’t win more? What happened?


Someone the other day asked me what my greatest fear was?

Sometimes questions like this stun you.
But this story, this interview with Kevin Garnett came to my mind because this is what my greatest fear is similar too.

My greatest fear is that when I get to the next life to met Jesus, my heroes, the great disciples of my faith, my significant mentors; and we look back on my life story. I don’t want to have the awkward conversations about how come I didn’t do more?
How come I didn’t do more to preach the Gospel?
How come I didn’t do more to create the Kingdom here on earth?
How come I didn’t do more to become the true version of myself?
How come I didn’t do more to experience life in it’s fullness?
How come I didn’t do more to follow Jesus?

Or possibly even the conversation around what happened?
You and your generation dropped the ball following Jesus.
That I could have done more in my power, actions, words and choices to do these things.

If I am honest with myself, maybe because I don’t want look small amongst the other disciples.

This is my greatest fear.

I guess this drives me to do what I am doing now.

But I wonder if people are aware of their greatest fear?
Or if their greatest fear is driving them to what they are doing now?



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