More than a hairdresser.

My mother is a hairdresser.
Growing up, I would watch people coming in and out of our garage getting haircuts or to get their hair done.

My mums specialty was the perm and most of the time it was for old ladies.

I remember one time a man brought his elderly mother to get a perm.
This woman looked old, weary and worn out.
She sat on the chair and my mum proceeded on with the perm.
And when my mum finished the perm,
This old, weary, worn out, elderly woman looked like a brand new woman with so much life.
I could barely recognised her.

There was something magical about this.

When the lady left, I remember asking my mum what happened.
She told me that sometimes a haircut does more than changing someone’s physical appearance, it can change the way someone feels internally about themselves; and that is what is most important.

That day I learnt that there we are both physical beings and internal beings.
That day I learnt that it is important how we feel about ourselves internally.
That day I learnt that sometimes my mum haircuts bring magic or another word healing.

That’s one example my mum has awaken my awareness in myself and something profound or magical in this world.

And that’s my mum always creating awareness in myself and my world, something I have always appreciated or learnt appreciate in the end.

Thanks and Happy birthday Mum.




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