Something that rhymes with truck..

A leader and I went to visit our young people’s homes to drop off our programme calendars for the upcoming term at youth club. During this school holiday period, some homes were empty and some homes had extended family round; who were pretty stoked to meet us.

There was one family we visited and I could feel my blood boiling because there was a mobile truck shop parked up outside their home.


A mobile truck shop is basically a truck that goes around low socio-economic neighbourhoods to sell goods and items on credit. The catch is that, the low $10 weekly repayments are attractive, but misleading as there is dishonestly and lack of clarity around interest rates and fees that force people paying significant more on goods and items or most times trap people into debt.

I do understand why families do choose to use mobile truck shops.
I mean if you don’t have a vehicle and a young family, this is convenient.
It is easier to have the mobile truck shop turn up instead of spending money public transport with all your whole family.
It saves energy to manage a young family as well as shopping with a young family.
The trip back home requires effort to manage your young family and having to carry your shopping home.
I can picture why people choose to use mobile truck shops.

So as we turned up to this young person’s house and saw a mobile truck shop parked outside; I could feel my blood boil.

And when I realised that the family were in the mobile truck shop, the rage within me was building up. I had to compose myself as I met his mother and the young person within the mobile truck shop.

As I saw the truck driver, I imagined head-butting him in the face and kicking him.
I held myself as calm as I could because I am reminded that I follow a non-violent God and my experiences have taught me that violence doesn’t solve anything.

I walked away from this home visit almost exploding with anger.
I was actually proud of myself for holding and controlling this anger

Upon reflection, I think I was more angry at myself.
I wasn’t angry at the mobile truck shops exploiting people for money and trapping people into debt.
I was angry at myself because I had no alternative convenient better kingdom way or mobile truck shop to offer this family that doesn’t exploit them or trap them into debt.

I was so angry at myself because I had nothing alternative to offer this family.
And times like these I wanna say something that rhymes with truck..



2 thoughts on “Something that rhymes with truck..

  1. We had someone from a very similar-looking truck try to persuade us to buy a laptop from them once. You get the computer after making only 50% of the payments! Unfortunately for them, Tim knew what that sort of computer cost in the shops, and was able to calculate on the spot that 50% of the mobile shop cost = 100% of the shop cost. You pay for the computer, you get it, and then you have to pay for it all over again! Lucky for this guy Tim’s a pacifist…


  2. I’ve encountered the same problem in a remote hill-tribe village in Northern Thailand on the border with Burma. The particular village I’m thinking of was home to two of our daughters. the inhabitants are mainly from the Akha hill-tribe, most are stateless, unemployed, and have no electricity or running water. I saw a “Thai” truck branded with company logos, with presentable good-looking Thai youth handing out glossy promotional materials designed to be stuck on walls, and free goodies too. Saw some of these glossy posters stuck on the bamboo walls of our family’s hut, and asked our girls’ older brother about them. He told me that they were being offered deals, with goods offered on credit. Because the company was a Thai brand, the poorly educated villagers simply trusted that everything was above board. They have no shops, and many can no afford to travel to the nearest town 25 kms away. I left seething too. Why do we exploit each other, especially those at the bottom of the pile? All I can say is “Truck!”


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