Divided by Pokemon

I’ve been hearing many conversations about the new game Pokemon Go. What I have gathered from these conversations is that Pokemon go has caused a division; you either love Pokemon Go or you hate Pokemon Go, you are for Pokemon Go or against Pokemon Go. There is almost no in between.


As a 90s kid I was glued to watching the Pokemon cartoons and being captivated to catching Pokemon. Eventually I brought Pokemon red and started catching my own Pokemon like the TV show. Now with Pokemon go you can catch Pokemon in a new hyper virtual reality type thing, where you walk around in real life to find and catch Pokemon with your phone. It’s the new buzz.

images (1)

Even the church is on this buzz adding Pokemon go into their sermons, joining alongside the craze and welcoming Pokemon trainers into their facilities; which I think is a great idea.


One time when I was about 9, I have memory where I was playing Pokemon on my gameboy while on the bus and another kid asked me if I was playing Pokemon. I nodded and he watched me play for a while. The longer he watched the closer he creeped to get a better view. I remember feeling uncomfortable with someone all in my face and wanted him to leave; so I yelled “have you never seen a gameboy before and is your family so poor that can’t afford one?” And the boy shrunk and shriveled away.

This memory has stuck with me because of so many reasons but one thing I realised is that Pokemon has caused another type of division.
Rich and poor.

I mean you have to buy a gameboy, then pay extra for the Pokemon game, and the extra running costs for batteries to actually play a gameboy. So to actually play Pokemon with a gameboy in the 90s you gotta have a bit of coin behind you.

I have the privilege of meeting young people and people from all walks of life and different ends of nearly every spectrum.

What I have realised is that Pokemon Go has caused the same division; rich and poor. I have seen only young people and adults who have a bit of coin playing Pokemon Go.

I mean the app is free but to play you gotta have a decent phone. To catch Pokemon you gotta pay for data. To be the best you gotta spend a bit of coin on accessories.

So there are those who can afford to play Pokemon go and those who can’t.

I’m not saying that Pokemon is the root cause for people getting rich or becoming poor. From my observation, Pokemon has just revealed who is rich and poor.
The rich play Pokemon and the poor miss out.

My argument isn’t whether this is fair or not.

But I wonder if anyone else has noticed the divide.



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