I could easily say I hate autumn.

Just recently, I swept up kilos and bags of leaves.
I cleared paths where autumn leaves and rubbish have been mixed in between;
Which looks untidy and smells the same.
I unblocked drains only to find that it was the autumn leaves causing the problem.
What is worst; when I come back the next day,
I have to repeat raking up autumn leaves again like I never tried to clear them in the first place.


Because of all the problems, mess and frustrations the leaves cause;
I could easily say I hate autumn.

Often in life we see things as either beautiful or broken.
And often, we see people through this lens too;
Either beautiful or broken.

Just recently, I have been pondering on a thought;
Everything broken has something beautiful in it.

Even with the problems, mess and frustrations autumn leafs cause;
There is also beauty in the colours and the scenery autumn has to offer.

Here’s a photo of my wife in the splendor and beauty of autumn.


I am starting to see that being human is having both beauty and brokenness within us.

I think the sad thing in life is that we focus too much on brokenness;
That we begin to repress, deny or ignore the beauty within us and the beauty we can offer to the world.
And this is a common story too many people live in.

I am starting to believe that the world is missing out on so much beauty which people can offer;
Simply because people have repressed, denied, or ignore the beauty within themselves.

If I am honest, sometimes I look through my story and I only seem to focus on brokenness and deny the beauty that has emerged.
If I can confess, sometimes I only just pinpoint the brokenness within people and forget the beauty they can offer.

So when I see brokenness; I am learning to see the beauty too, so the world and I don’t miss out.
I am choosing to look for beauty within the brokenness.
I am choosing to speak about the beauty I see in others, even when they can only see brokenness within themselves.
And the hope is that people can see the beauty they can offer within their brokenness.

I say this even as I continue to sweep up these problematic, stupid, beautiful autumn leaves.



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