Bumps along the way

Thursday nights for me have become equal in measure of life, joy, chaos, love and energy. As I leave the local youth club, mostly shattered but with a full heart, feeling so grateful to be able to spend an evening with this group of kids.

Tonight as we were doing a craft activity, one of the girls asked me to draw a flower on her picture. After I drew one she asked me to draw another. As I drew the second flower another girl, sitting on the other side of me, bumped my elbow and my pen skidded across the page creating a long mark on the page.

How often do we try to draw perfect pictures in life only to be bumped along the way.

She softly apologised as the first girl gasped. Trying not to escalate things, I said, “oh no! Nevermind, that can be the stalk of the flower”. I thickened up the line, adding a few leaves. When I was done the girl asked if I could do the same thing on the first flower. The mistake had turned into something else, something useful, something that improved what already existed.

And I thought to myself of how many times I’ve withheld from doing something out of fear of being bumped by someone and making a mistake, or agonised over what I “should have done”. But maybe I’ve been missing something. Maybe I need to embrace being bumped and making mistakes more – they are inevitable after all.

I think sometimes in life our biggest bumps can create something beautiful too. I find pursuing perfection is too difficult anyways.



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