Kids say the darndest things

In the last few months, I have been part of a team running a couple of youth clubs in the neighbourhood. Most of the kids who attend the youth clubs also attend the local primary school; which just recently, I work as the caretaker.

Bill Cosby used to host a show called ‘Kids say the darndest things’. The premise of the show goes like this; Bill Cosby would ask a question to a child who would usually respond in a ‘cute’ way and he would create some humour out of it.

I see most of the kids from the youth clubs working at the school and man kids really do say the darndest things.
Let me quote some of our interactions and conversations.

A kid from youth club with his mates approach me.
“Sup Wilson, *shakes my hand* do you work here?” (Kid)
“Yeah, I’m the new caretaker. I gotta run now” (me)
As I walk away the kid goes to his mates “He’s the only chinese guy I know.”

I walked into a youth club kid’s class.
“Hey Wilson, what are you doing here?” (lil miss sass)
“I work here now” (me)
I leave to fix a light her friend goes “who’s that?”
Lil miss sass replies “that’s none of your bussiness!”

A kid from youth club tells other 2 kids from youth club that I am the new caretaker.
They all come into my shed and say hi.
Then the kid who told the other kids goes “You girls owe me 5 bucks”
One of the other kids “I thought you were lying so I could get 5 bucks”
And the second kid goes “Nahh..I’ll buy you a pie at lunch instead”

A random kid comes up to me asking if I know this kid from youth club.
And I reply “yes”
That youth club kid jumps out of no where and goes “Wilson I see you everywhere now; youth club, church and now school. Where am I going to see you next?”

A youth club kid goes straight up to me and grabs my hand.
“Wilson I thought you got married? Where is your ring? I don’t see it.” (kid)
“I’ll wear it to youth club” (me)
“You better” (kid)

My favourite was:
“Wilson, is there youth club tonight” (kid)
“Yup, are you coming” (me)
“Yes! Is Esther coming?” (kid)
“Yup, she sure is.” (me)
Jumping with excitement “YAY, I can’t wait for youth club” (kid)

The interactions and conversations with the kids have put a little humour into my days.

Jesus says in Matthew 19 “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Maybe Jesus was right about the kingdom of heaven belonging to the kids. Not only have they added a little humour to my days; the interactions and conversations with the kids has created a warmth which has made me feel very welcome, pleasant and comfortable to work as their school caretaker. Much like what I imagine the kingdom of heaven is like.

I guess these kids now have made me think about; how do I create warmth as I interact and conversate with people.

Maybe I’ll just start by saying the darnest things.



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