If you don’t know, ask

My highschool hard materials teacher, Mr Rosoman use to have a saying: “If you don’t know, ask.” He would preach these words; every time we stepped into the workshop, whenever he introduced us to a new tool, or showed us how to make a new part in our projects. Mr Rosoman probably inertially knew that, when apprenticing teenagers in a trade; you have to impart some wisdom into them. When I first heard these words, “If you don’t know, ask”; as a 16 year old sitting in the workshop, I had no idea what it meant. Isn’t it funny the things that we take away from highschool.

Since then, Mr Rosoman’s words have suck with me. They have given me permission to ask questions about things I don’t know and things that I want to know. Sometimes they have gotten me into trouble. As I have taken on his words “If you don’t know, ask”; this has given me confidence, curiosity and initiative as I approached all areas of life, but sometimes I still have to find the courage to ask.

This week I have just started at as caretaker at the local primary school and as a Unoh worker; both are very new roles for me. As I am taking my first steps in these roles, I can hear Mr Rosoman’s voice “If you don’t know, ask” ringing in my ears. Simply because these words helped me out in hard materials classroom. And I got a feeling that Mr Rosoman’s words are going to help me out again; as I explore and learn the trade of a caretaker and Unoh worker.



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