A comfortable shower

I have always loved a comfortable shower; where the temperature is just right for my liking and the pressure hits my skin like a massage. I believe in life, there are only a few things that could match having a comfortable shower after a long day. 

Every time I go on camps, my friend’s places or moving flats (pretty much jumping into a new shower); I get so frustrated and annoyed trying to adjust the temperature and pressure to my liking for a comfortable shower.

It’s like I turn the handle slightly one way and the temperature feels 100 degrees too hot. What is worse is when I turn the handle the other way, it gets 100 degrees too cold. Don’t get me started on the pressure; not all showers are created equal.

Maybe you conjure the same feelings when you enter into new showers to create the comfortable shower. 

Right now I have entered into a new season of life.
I have just got married.
I am learning to be a husband.
My wife and I are about to join Urban Neighbours of Hope (Unoh for short).
A missional order committed to Jesus and community-led development.
Where we are apprenticing for three years.

We have shifted our belongings into the little sleep out (and trying to fit our belongings too and also we live with our bosses).
After a long day; I actually avoided having a shower.
Maybe because I was scared, nervous, anxious or afraid of the disappointment of not having a comfortable shower.

The next morning came around.
I walk into the bathroom.
Turn on the water, step in and hold my breath in case I have to adjust anything.
To my surprise; the temperature is just right and the pressure is on point.
I have a huge sense of relief as I enjoy this comfortable shower.

As I stand having a comfortable shower;
This also gave me a sense of relief as I enter into this new season of life; being married and joining Unoh which is scary, nerve-racking, risky. Sometimes I have asked myself what the heck I am doing?

And maybe it’s the little things in life we need to do, to find and hold on to; that gives us a sense of relief as we enter into the unknown or when we are in the midst of new which could be scary, nerve-racking and risky.

Maybe like a comfortable shower.



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